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BABYMON is an Exciting New Blockchain Project that will give you the opportunity as the smart and safe investor to Earn Passive Income All Day Everyday! All while having fun and connecting with new crypto friends to help each other on your wealth building journey. We’re in this together! Find out more

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Buy, sell and auction Babymon NFTs. Mint the next Limited Edition collection and recieve special rewards.

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Hold a BabyMon NFT to convert your in game tokens you score into $BMON tokens!

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10% Buy Tax

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  • 2 Development
  • 1 Staking Rewards
  • 1 P2E Rewards

15% Sell Tax

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  • 0 Buy Back/Burn
  • 0 Development
  • 0 Staking Rewards
  • 0 P2E Rewards


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How To Buy Babymon...

You will want to download either Trust Wallet (for your smartphone) or MetaMask (for your browser in the form of an extension). Once you have downloaded either one of these you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network to your network-list. A tutorial on how to do this can be found HERE

Use an exchange such as Binance to purchase Bep20 Smartchain BNB, after purchase withdraw the tokens from the exchange into your MetaMask or Trust Wallet via the address given to your wallet (Starts in 0x)

Click here to be redirected to PancakeSwap where you can connect you MetaMask/TrustWallet and exchange your BNB for $BABYMON. If you simply just want the contract address input


If you receive an error to do with the output first of all increase your slippage, and also make sure that the $BABYMON you get in return for your BNB ends in 0 and is not a decimal etc

Frequently Asked Questions