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When you join the Babymon Gang, you’re not only joining the next big 1000x opportunity, you’re joining a tight knit crypto family for years to come. You’re starting on your journey to become a hero in your own community, beating the bear and championing your way to success against the odds!

People hate waiting endless months for projects to create their very 1st utility and fulfill their roadmap promises. Babymon has not only 1 but 7 fully finished utilities ready on or before launch.

  • GenesisNFT Collection

  • NFTMarketplace

  • Play to EarnGame

  • TokenStaking

  • NFTStaking

  • Merch Storewith Dividends

  • ReferralComission

You’ll have up to 5 different streams of income simply by holding BabyMon NFTs and $BMON tokens, sharing Babymon with your friends, or by playing the fun and addictive BabyMon GO P2E Game! All while the value of your NFTs and Tokens keeps increasing as more and more join the Babymon Gang and the next Bull Run explodes it.

It’s A Free Money Life Glitch!

Be a founding investor in the Babymon Genesis and become part of the Baby Monsta revolution. Earn passive income and get paid to play fun games. In Addition to the lucrative income streams, simply by participating in our community competitions and giveaways you can win many exciting cash prizes!

So Join Us and let’s Beat the Bear Together!


how to earn
passive income
with babymon:

  • Play the Fun BabyMon GO P2EGame

  • Stake your $BMON Tokens for Impressive APY Rewards

  • Stake your Babymon NFTs for Daily Token Rewards

  • Refer people through your link to buy $BMON & get up to 10%

  • Stake NFTs or be a top $BMON holder & get Merch Sale Dividends

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